Wednesday, February 1, 2017


We have decided to go unconditional early, our lawyer is a lovely guy, but ponderous. I have heard too many stories about buyers being gazumped due to lawyers taking too long to let them know about  vendors exercising their right to cancel in the face of a better offer. We couldn't bear the thought and we have bridging finance if we need it, so we decided to go ahead. Scary!

Flash brought a truck home for me to test drive over the weekend (don't fret - the model, transmission, extras and colour were all chosen by me). I am in is perfect! Now to make sure our house sells so that I can buy it. My current vehicle just isn't cut out for icy roads and since I will often have very precious cargo in the form of grandchildren we are not willing to take any risks.  It will also be handy for picking up loads of hay, cages of chickens and sacks of feed (I just love saying all that stuff!).

What day is it??

We are halfway through our third week of renovations. It feels as though nothing is going to get done in time. The painters are still leaving every day after 2 hours work, but there is nothing we can do, we are paying them for the job not the hours and so long as it gets done before the allotted date they can keep disappearing. It is annoying because when those rooms are done we can put the furniture back in them. At the moment we are climbing over piles of stuff and can't even get into the bath to fit the taps as the tub is the safest place to store our art so that it doesn't get knocked!

We spent the weekend completing the upstairs decks, back and front and we are really happy with the results. We know we should have been inside painting before the carpet arrives (Feb 7) but the psychological effects of the great looking decks is worth the anguish over the painting. We will just have to go hard this week. The downstairs bathrooms (bathroom, seperate toilet and seperate shower - very handy with teenage girls!) are looking amazing though!

We have chosen an agent, she was the third one we interviewed and her values seem to align with ours, she is willing to try some of our crazy ideas and has given us a realistic appraisal of the house value.