Thursday, August 3, 2017

An average day

You know the feeling, you have been on the go all day, non-stop, barely time for a coffee break...but evening comes and you think "what did I do today?" or your loved ones ask you that same question and you are at a loss to answer.

Welcome to my every day!

Today I tidied the house while drinking my first coffee, fed the puppy, fed the chooks and goats and let them out of their pens. Watched goats for a bit because they are so cute.

Ava is no longer limping and the scours have dried up (did I tell you about the scours?? I drenched a goat for the first time!) she is looking a lot happier. Gigi is friendly as, and Zsa Zsa is getting braver.

Took photos of goats and fed them hay by hand.

Fed the goats bits of the sourdough bread I had put in the chook bucket.

Threw the ball for the puppy and did a bit of training while drinking second coffee and trying to download emails.

Did some emails, social and finally managed to get my code from Google to fix up my google business account. Wrote some ads and did general business maintenance stuff. Sent cute goat photos to husband.

Ate brunch because I had forgotten breakfast.

Planted paeonies, had to put puppy in kennel as she likes to help me digging up whatever I have just planted...but only if she sees me plant it.

Moved what felt like truckloads of mulch...didn't make a dent in the mulch mountain.
Untied puppy and threw the stick until she laid down.
Mulched fruit trees and asparagus bed.
Checked on goats, gave them cuddles.

Attached a broom holder thingy to the laundry wall ( 3 of them actually) and then decided that the laundry looked so much nicer so I cleaned the rest of it.

Took the puppy to the beach to collect bull kelp for the asparagus bed.
Puppy was terrified of water, sand, sea birds.
Spent ages cuddling puppy.

Brought the kelp home, tipped it into an unused trough (watched by jealous puppy, who is not allowed in the chook paddock) and washed the sand off it, left it to soak overnight. Will chop it up and dig it into the bed tomorrow.

More housework.

Thought about dinner. Did some emails and paid bills.

Took Frasier out to meet the goats, they were very interested in one another. Puppy was jealous.
Took photos of Frasier and the goats. Took photos of the goats watching the chooks.

Put the goats to bed, put the chooks to bed. Played with jealous puppy.

Thought about dinner.

Fed the puppy and Frasier, cleaned the hall windows.
Fed the sourdough starter.
Checked my advertising schedule to make sure I was on track, checked social. Chatted with husband, spoke with daughter on phone, skyped with GD#1 and GD#4, watched as they jumped off the couch numerous times.

Took lentil soup (i make this one - but in the pressure cooker and I don't blend it) out of the freezer and microwaved it, made cheese on toast to go with it.

Put the puppy in her crate.

Watched Masterchef, felt bad about my giving husband frozen soup and cheese toast for dinner. Ate chocolate.

Reading in bed now, will go to sleep in an hour, no doubt will be awoken twice in the night by cat wanting in the bed, out of the bed, outside, inside, in the bed.

And then it starts all over again!